Hello fellow music supervisors and associates! We’re glad that you’re here – your initiative shows that you’re a willing participant ready to assist in our efforts to move our professional community and creative work forward.

Please fill out a questionnaire to accompany each nomination submission for the 11th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards. The questionnaire will be used to assist the nomination committee in its efforts to evaluate a preliminary round of submissions. From there, a short list of nominations will be determined for each category – and each category will subsequently be voted upon by guild members. For general information regarding the nomination process, please visit:  https://www.gmsawards.com.

 Your participation in this year’s nomination process ensures that all submissions are considered thoroughly, vetted fairly, and presented to committee members in a way that will help them to better understand your scope of work. In order to qualify, projects must have a commercial release shown within the United States during the specific eligibility period of November 2, 2019 through December 1, 2020.

 Entries will be accepted within two categories, shown below:

Best Music Supervision in Advertising - Synch:
Awarded for innovation in the creative use of licensed, existing music in the context of an advertisement or other branded visual media. Entries submitted within this category should be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

Best Music Supervision in Advertising - Original Music:
Awarded for excellence in the creation of  original music within an advertisement. Submissions can include covers of existing compositions or original material. Entries submitted within this category should be no longer than 2 minutes in length.

Nominations should ONLY go to the music supervisor responsible for the creative placement and oversight of the sync or composition. Both advertising categories EXCLUDE trailers, promos, and marketing media for individual entertainment properties (such as a specific video game), but INCLUDE ads for entertainment products (such as a Nintendo or other video game platform).  

It is strongly suggested that you provide a publicly streamable link to project when possible. This is for voting purposes.

You are not required to be a member of the guild in order to submit an entry. Music Supervisors and Music Houses are allowed to submit a maximum of three entries within each category.

We look forward to receiving your entries no later than the submission deadline (TBA). Submissions will not be accepted, nor will the deadline be extended, after this time. Thank you for your consideration and participation!

Please note that no more than 3 awards will be presented with each category, additional awards will be available for purchase.

 Please email support@submittable.com if you have any technical issues.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.