Please fill out one questionnaire to accompany each nomination submission for the 11th Annual Guild Of Music Supervisors Awards. This award is for songs/recordings (original or imaginative covers) created for film projects (including documentaries) released theatrically in the US during 2020. The questionnaire will be used to assist the nomination committee in evaluating submissions to determine the final set of nominated songs/recordings. GMS members will evaluate the final nominations as used in the films and vote in early 2021.

 It is important that we receive a link to download/stream or a file upload of your song/recording. It is also strongly advised that you provide a link to stream video/file upload that shows the use(s) of the song in the film. Please be sure streaming links remain active until January 1, 2020. Please ask your film distributor for assistance in providing the committee these critical materials. Our awards event garnered over 160 Million internet news impressions last year and the film distributors are more interested than ever in helping your song get a nomination.

 *To qualify for a Guild of Music Supervisors Award in the film category, submissions must adhere to nomination guidelines outlined in the Spirit Awards & Academy Awards. See links below:
Academy Awards (link)
Spirit Awards (link)

 We look forward to receiving your submissions no later than our firm deadline (TBA).  Thank you for your participation!

Please note that no more than 3 awards will be presented with each category, additional awards will be available for purchase.

 Please email if you have any technical issues.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.